Do You Want A Drink?

She was a woman that tempted me… So, you want a drink? Have you ever had a woman you couldn’t get out of your head? Where it took you to a dark place. This was a complicated friendship.

We did a lot of drinking together. I loved being around her, so I didn’t see how harmful it was. But I couldn’t help myself. We did have a lot of fun, got into some trouble. I look at those times fondly. ⠀

This painting represents my obsession with women and drinking. Dangling hope for a relief from internal pain. It only intensified my alcohol abuse and depression. ⠀

I’m happy to have painted this as opposed to writing or videoing myself. This piece of art delivers the message. I can’t help but stare at it sometimes, so I keep it hidden. Like the picture of Dorian Grey. 

Art by Dan Victor. Painted with watercolor & coffee using plenty of aggressive pencil lines.

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Robot Dude In A Tile Bathroom

“Robot Dude In A Tile Bathroom” by Dan Victor. ✍🏼 About to make a #graphictee of this #drawing from an old #sketchbook📙 I #love #creatures and #patterns👾
🤖+♥️ Interested in robots with emotions. Hope you like these drawings from the archives!

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Converting the Converted

"Conversion" • watercolor & graphite on paper, 9x12" 🎨 by Dan Victor
“Conversion” • watercolor & graphite on paper, 9×12″ 🎨 by Dan Victor

These elements merge and hold many visual delights. I find what is in the lines and bring out other shit. There are 2 faces about to kiss, but their heads are attached to something else. Do you see it?⠀

The Kiss

The chemistry between these two is unmistakable. So many great paintings by the same name, it’a my little homage to Klimpt. His famous painting of The Kiss has a similar sentiment. Notice how the back of the male head is attached to another head.

I was watching “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” when I painted this. Like the song, The Origin of Love. Often movies inspire my work. I will sometimes watch a film while I paint, looking up. Every now and then, I catch a flash of color that can be visual inspiration.

Detail 1 • The Kiss


There is a fight about to break out. Aggressive and submissive personalities meet. Much like the dynamic of love and hate.

Detail 2 • Confrontation

Face By Teeth

Detail 3 • Faced By Teeth

Nursing Baby

The Baby is being nursed by a ghost. Don’t ask me how. I just showed up.

Detail 4 • Nursing Baby & Ghost

The Hair

It flows long and one of the more satisfying areas for me to look at. The kiss is tender, but the man and woman’s hair characterizes them. Perhaps the way an animal looks almost human. Did I see the cat flip me off? It won’t phase the moment this man and woman share. Hopefully one that will last a lifetime.

Detail 5 • Most Beautiful Hair

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Daydreams Can Get Messy

“Daydreams can get messy” by Dan Victor. This is a mixed media piece on paper. This has so much detail, but also reminds me of something dusty, that is easier to let it stay covered in a thick layer of red clay. Same kind of mud that might hold a log cabin together. ⁣⠀

My grandfather built a log cabin when he was much younger. He even pointed it out to my brother a long time. He stayed on his aunt & uncle’s farm to live during the depression. ⁣⠀

This art is immersive. My favorite way to engage with visual art is to age with the piece. Time has a way of changing how it looks to you. The creature I made friends with often end up in my art.⁣

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Can’t Turn Away, Madness Only Stares Back

“Staring into the mouth of madness” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor 📖 From a #sketchbook drawing using a combination of #stippling & cross-hatching. Love the contrast of technique. It was a time of deep introspection, years back. 👀

I made it a practice to carry around this sketchbook. It was relatively small, about 3 x 5 inches, but the smaller size made it easier to complete ideas without having to spend the time on a larger surface. I think that makes these interesting to share, close to the size of its creation. ✨

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