Dan works in a variety of visual mediums, as well as music and video under Dan Victor Productions. His passion for live-streaming performance & media continues to fuel his flames.

Dan Victor on Cheddar News

When he was Editor in-chief of Popdust, a pop culture website, Dan created & produced a weekly interview series called “Popdust Presents” that broadcast live, featuring promising talent. The artist’s that were interviewed performed ‘unplugged’ & spoke candidly about their creative process. 

Dan Victor (left) & Tattoo Money (right)

As an authority in professional media, Dan Victor was a regular guest on Cheddar news, a live-streaming broadcast from the NY Stock Exchange and Flat Iron Building. He shared his insights on the current state of music business, Netflix, awards shows and more.  

Instagram @djasonv : https://www.instagram.com/djasonv/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danvictorproductions

Dan Victor creates graphic tees from his original art. He designs T-Shirts as a way to focus his creativity and at the same time build a profitable business around what he loves to wear. Visit his Etsy store for his latest ‘Low Profile‘ t-shirt line.

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