Dan works in a variety of visual mediums, as well as music and video under Dan Victor Productions. His passion for live-streaming performance & media continues to fuel his flames.

Dan Victor on Cheddar News

When he was Editor in-chief of Popdust, a pop culture website, Dan created & produced a weekly interview series called “Popdust Presents” that broadcast live, featuring promising talent. The artist’s that were interviewed performed ‘unplugged’ & spoke candidly about their creative process. 

Dan and Tattoo Money
Dan Victor (left) & Tattoo Money (right)

As an authority in professional media, Dan Victor was a regular guest on Cheddar news, a live-streaming broadcast from the NY Stock Exchange and Flat Iron Building. He shared his insights on the current state of music business, Netflix, awards shows and more.  

Dan Victor creates graphic tees from his original art. He designs T-Shirts as a way to focus his creativity and at the same time build a profitable business around what he loves to wear. Visit his Etsy store for his latest ‘Low Profile‘ t-shirt line.

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