Can’t Turn Away, Madness Only Stares Back

“Staring into the mouth of madness” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor 📖 From a #sketchbook drawing using a combination of #stippling & cross-hatching. Love the contrast of technique. It was a time of deep introspection, years back. 👀

I made it a practice to carry around this sketchbook. It was relatively small, about 3 x 5 inches, but the smaller size made it easier to complete ideas without having to spend the time on a larger surface. I think that makes these interesting to share, close to the size of its creation. ✨

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Dan Victor

Dan is an online personality, musician and visual artist. Host of Mental Chillness. Producer of DVD Concerts. Former editor in-chief of and former producer of Popdust Presents.

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