Source of Frustration • Daily Thoughts

Water can taste bad, but I need it to survive. Does water even have a taste? I don’t like to buy it. I like it cold. I add lemon. I distract myself. I make the experience special. I choose to change my perception, so I don’t feel compelled to change what is out of my control.

Smoke detectors beeping are out of my control. The sharp sound really drives me up a wall. (Beep). Why do these little blips get under my skin? (Beep). Address the problem. Change the battery. (Beep). My irritation has derailed my focus, so I go on a rampage throughout the house to find the source of the noise. (Beep). Every time I hear the sound, it is a reminder. I must flip the script. Stop and breath. (Beep).

Am I required to do something or is it an annoyance to ignore? I must walk away or find a solution. (Beep). Internal strife and external distraction are both factors pointing back to me. Acceptance. Close the door. (Beep). Turn the music up. Let it be. (Beep). (Beep). (Beep).

Self-Discipline • Daily Thoughts

Advocate for your own well-being. We can train ourselves to be kinder. We are able to program ourselves for success. It may sound like hard work, but that is our mind talking. Our spirit will be thanking us. There is a resistance to change that occurs at first, but after a few days or weeks, we adapt. It’s an amazing human trait.

The first and best victory is to conquer self. – Plato

Once we get in the habit of putting challenges in front of us, the better we can deal with ones that are not by choice. It is this practice that gives us the confidence we need to acquire the ability to achieve. We provide evidence to our subconscious that is difficult for our minds to deny. These are baby steps to big change. Begin with making your bed in the morning, doing the dishes after meals, then you will be teaching yourself things beyond your wildest imagination. Imagine the possibilities.

Doing Nothing Is Really Something • Daily Thoughts

( May 28th, 2020 ) If you refuse to choose, it is still a choice. That doesn’t necessary mean it is a failure to act. Doing nothing can be an effective way to focus your intention. Sometimes, a hard reset to reassess the situation can lend perspective. A tactful technique to step away from a conversation is excusing yourself to use the bathroom. Try it out next time your conversation is going nowhere fast.

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Enthusiasm For Learning

Video I made for my job search. It is a response to a video interview question about what your enthusiasm for learning is. I responded with my passion for playing music, and is somewhat of an origins story…

Dan Victor speaks about his inspiration to teach himself to play music. He first began with bass guitar, taking only 2 months of lessons. He began playing in bands and writing his own music. He performed in about 10 different bands over the years.

His connections brought him to , where he capitalized his experience as a musician to bring together a pop culture site with interviews and performances.

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What Do I Value?

My career has been an interesting ride. Graduating in 1997, right before print began to be obsolete. They say print will never die. Im not sure they are right, but it is definitely an advantage to know both.

Dan Victor speaks about his career as a Graphic Designer. He developed his career from print design to the digital realm over the years.

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Converting the Converted

"Conversion" • watercolor & graphite on paper, 9x12" 🎨 by Dan Victor
“Conversion” • watercolor & graphite on paper, 9×12″ 🎨 by Dan Victor

These elements merge and hold many visual delights. I find what is in the lines and bring out other shit. There are 2 faces about to kiss, but their heads are attached to something else. Do you see it?⠀

The Kiss

The chemistry between these two is unmistakable. So many great paintings by the same name, it’a my little homage to Klimpt. His famous painting of The Kiss has a similar sentiment. Notice how the back of the male head is attached to another head.

I was watching “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” when I painted this. Like the song, The Origin of Love. Often movies inspire my work. I will sometimes watch a film while I paint, looking up. Every now and then, I catch a flash of color that can be visual inspiration.

Detail 1 • The Kiss


There is a fight about to break out. Aggressive and submissive personalities meet. Much like the dynamic of love and hate.

Detail 2 • Confrontation

Face By Teeth

Detail 3 • Faced By Teeth

Nursing Baby

The Baby is being nursed by a ghost. Don’t ask me how. I just showed up.

Detail 4 • Nursing Baby & Ghost

The Hair

It flows long and one of the more satisfying areas for me to look at. The kiss is tender, but the man and woman’s hair characterizes them. Perhaps the way an animal looks almost human. Did I see the cat flip me off? It won’t phase the moment this man and woman share. Hopefully one that will last a lifetime.

Detail 5 • Most Beautiful Hair

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