IN THE MIX • Hope 808 / Molly Indigo

(October 5, 2021)No Art Info presents Starr Bar’s new Tuesday night of artist interviews and DJ sets streamed live for the delight of the local Bushwick residents off the Jefferson L train stop in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. In the Mix are conversations blended with curated compilations that explore process and the process of exploration.

Hope 808

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Molly Indigo

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Live DJ Set

In the midst of the smooth house beat of the Hope 808 set, Dank Delish producer / artist stepped up to perform a few tracks with his MPC. It added to the laid back vibe of the night. The kind of groove that keeps you moving, but stay mellow and hold a convo. Follow Dank Delish on Spotify & Instagram .

Starr Bar at 214 Starr Street – Que Cee – Dan Victor joint
Wolfset Productions / DVD

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