Crazy Eye Sketch

Paranoid eyes

Little bit of the Crazy Eye. Sketchbook fun with stippling. Really like shading with that technique. Healthy teeth and eyes, keeps a fella wealthy and wise.

What are you looking at? Paranoid eyes with that diplomatic frown.

Trippy Cat Drawing

”Trippy Cat” 🎨 by Dan Victor • Drawing with watercolor pencils. I used my friend’s cat Buddy as a reference.

Mean Cat Meow Hoodie – Pink
(more colors available)

Sailor Boy • Drawings & Dragons

Dan works on “Sailor Boy”, the painting featured on this episode of Drawings & Dragons. He paints with coffee and draws with pencil and watercolor pencil on paper. This is the full 2 hour sitting in real time with commentary.

Sailor Boy

Drawings & Dragons: LIVE Art! Have a Passion for Drawing? Do you like to get lost in your imagination? I sure do.

Art in its purest form. Drawing. Dan draws live while talking about his many experiences. Taking my ART out of the basement and onto the internet. I explore the craft deeply and take it places that will hopefully inspire you to take your ART to the next level.