Low-key Confession

“Low-key Confession”

Slumber, heavy hitting Monday,
I don’t ever go away.
Carpet covered, so i don’t get,
Trampled under.
Cause there’s a, whole heart of matter,
that takes a message from the god.
~A god that rips my heart.

Come back to me, Little register.
Low-key confession,
to the dusty mouth…

Covering up, covering up my mistakes,
like a thoughtful player makes.
Risked all your luscious, precious pushing,
lost in devastation.

Bastard, killing case.
Low-key confession, this late in the race.

Party pooper in the back-yard,
Ripped out of all that you.
Lips on my neck, they keep it moist in the, sweaty season,
it is, ah, just one quarter of the year, (my)
Driving sucks and i get picked up, on the side of resistance,
confide in your aggressor.
Personal tragedy, parading policemen,
they’ll cuff you before you make it out the door.
~A door that never opened.

Come back to me, Little register.
Low-key confession,
Low-key confession,
Low-key Confession

Written by Daniel Victor (2001)
Recorded by Ductape Halo from “Legend in my Own Mind”

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