Mechanical Love is Distracting

“Distracting Mechanical Love” 🎨 by Dan Victor 💗 Drawing from an old #sketchbook💎 I liked the idea of #robots with #emotions but we, as humans, can go through the motions, rather than be in the moment. #Distraction is allowing myself to stop thinking so I can be engaged. So do robots have more enthusiasm because they want to know what love is? 👁 To have a desire for desire.

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Synopsis: Best of Dan Victor’s Art from Past Instagram Posts.

Details: Dan Victor Does… Instagram Flashback. Best of @djasonv IG posts, expanding on the original Caption.


A Bird Represents Freedom

A bird 🦜 represents many things, freedom is the first things comes to mind. 🦉A noble creature that can drift among the clouds. 🦅 It can easily escape its environment and change its surroundings. 🐥 A caged bird is tragic. Have you nurtured your inner freedom today? ✍🏼 by Dan Victor #sketchbook#moleskine #dvtees

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Do You Want A Drink?

She was a woman that tempted me… So, you want a drink? Have you ever had a woman you couldn’t get out of your head? Where it took you to a dark place. This was a complicated friendship.

We did a lot of drinking together. I loved being around her, so I didn’t see how harmful it was. But I couldn’t help myself. We did have a lot of fun, got into some trouble. I look at those times fondly. ⠀

This painting represents my obsession with women and drinking. Dangling hope for a relief from internal pain. It only intensified my alcohol abuse and depression. ⠀

I’m happy to have painted this as opposed to writing or videoing myself. This piece of art delivers the message. I can’t help but stare at it sometimes, so I keep it hidden. Like the picture of Dorian Grey. 

Art by Dan Victor. Painted with watercolor & coffee using plenty of aggressive pencil lines.

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Robot Dude In A Tile Bathroom

“Robot Dude In A Tile Bathroom” by Dan Victor. ✍🏼 About to make a #graphictee of this #drawing from an old #sketchbook📙 I #love #creatures and #patterns👾
🤖+♥️ Interested in robots with emotions. Hope you like these drawings from the archives!

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Converting the Converted

"Conversion" • watercolor & graphite on paper, 9x12" 🎨 by Dan Victor
“Conversion” • watercolor & graphite on paper, 9×12″ 🎨 by Dan Victor

These elements merge and hold many visual delights. I find what is in the lines and bring out other shit. There are 2 faces about to kiss, but their heads are attached to something else. Do you see it?⠀

The Kiss

The chemistry between these two is unmistakable. So many great paintings by the same name, it’a my little homage to Klimpt. His famous painting of The Kiss has a similar sentiment. Notice how the back of the male head is attached to another head.

I was watching “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” when I painted this. Like the song, The Origin of Love. Often movies inspire my work. I will sometimes watch a film while I paint, looking up. Every now and then, I catch a flash of color that can be visual inspiration.

Detail 1 • The Kiss


There is a fight about to break out. Aggressive and submissive personalities meet. Much like the dynamic of love and hate.

Detail 2 • Confrontation

Face By Teeth

Detail 3 • Faced By Teeth

Nursing Baby

The Baby is being nursed by a ghost. Don’t ask me how. I just showed up.

Detail 4 • Nursing Baby & Ghost

The Hair

It flows long and one of the more satisfying areas for me to look at. The kiss is tender, but the man and woman’s hair characterizes them. Perhaps the way an animal looks almost human. Did I see the cat flip me off? It won’t phase the moment this man and woman share. Hopefully one that will last a lifetime.

Detail 5 • Most Beautiful Hair

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Daydreams Can Get Messy

“Daydreams can get messy” by Dan Victor. This is a mixed media piece on paper. This has so much detail, but also reminds me of something dusty, that is easier to let it stay covered in a thick layer of red clay. Same kind of mud that might hold a log cabin together. ⁣⠀

My grandfather built a log cabin when he was much younger. He even pointed it out to my brother a long time. He stayed on his aunt & uncle’s farm to live during the depression. ⁣⠀

This art is immersive. My favorite way to engage with visual art is to age with the piece. Time has a way of changing how it looks to you. The creature I made friends with often end up in my art.⁣

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Amazing Article On The Creative Process

Lead Photo by INTHEBLACK

I found this article in my ASCAP newsletter and was so moved by it’s accuracy in identifying process, so I wanted to share. Please check this author out. Great in-sites!

The Process Is The Reward

Written by: Mutationist –ritwikdeshpande  December 25, 2018 4 Minutes

I attended a talk by Ivy Ross, the head of design for all hardware products at Google. Ivy started her career as a jewelry designer, and when she was 24, had some of her work acquired by the Smithsonian. “The ego trip lasted for all of three weeks,” she said. The success was great, but transient. The process of making those pieces, in comparison, took way longer. What she learned from the experience was you spend more time doing the work than experiencing its outcome. It’s better to make that time worthwhile instead of worrying about how it will land.

Fast Company

I recently finished a song, played it back and felt very excited. It was the most evolved piece of music I had composed so far. The sounds worked well with each other, the mix sounded clean and the composition had a well-defined narrative arc. I played it to a few friends and co-workers and felt delighted as I watched them move (just a little) at parts where the momentum picked up. It felt like months of practice was finally beginning to pay off.

Then, after a day, I revisited the song and realized the melody was cheesy, the synth … [Read More]

Can’t Turn Away, Madness Only Stares Back

“Staring into the mouth of madness” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor 📖 From a #sketchbook drawing using a combination of #stippling & cross-hatching. Love the contrast of technique. It was a time of deep introspection, years back. 👀

I made it a practice to carry around this sketchbook. It was relatively small, about 3 x 5 inches, but the smaller size made it easier to complete ideas without having to spend the time on a larger surface. I think that makes these interesting to share, close to the size of its creation. ✨

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Sacrifice + Abandon

“Sacrifice & Abandon” 🎨 by Dan Victor. 12 x 9” #Watercolor#Graphiteon paper. It began with a photo in the newspaper of an old man…

I had been living at my mother’s house after moving back from San Diego in 2002. I had just turned 25 & moved there to get away from drinking too much. I thought it was seasonal depression, so I needed to go somewhere sunny all the time.

I realized once I was in Cali, I had something wrong with me. I was away from my support network and getting drunk every day with the band. Depression and anxiety had hit an all time high. Why???

I was unable to financially or physically take care of myself, so my stepfather came out and drove me back to NJ. #forevergrateful I had to live with them while I sought mental help. 

Not able to work, I started painting again. And watching a shitload of rentals from Blockbuster. I had the unlimited plan, but could take out only 3 at a time. I would watch all 3, drive back, rent another 3 in hopes of finishing them to rent a total of 9 movies in one day… it happened a couple times.

Even though I was catatonic, completely sober & on heavy meds, I could paint.

It wasn’t until I was 30 that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a good psychiatrist that immediately put me on the right meds, after trying many of both.

I saw a newspaper in my local paper of an old man, looking for subject matter to paint. I saw this guy in a band piercing out this window. I connected the 2. 

The old man was sad and doing something reluctantly which he new would cause harm, but a ‘lesser of evils’. He was leaving his adult son, but the question remains… why?

My father was absent a lot of the time, but my grandfather filled the void. 

Pop-pop. A kind man. So good to us, but always had a similar look on his face. I wondered what he had done to feel the way his face spoke.

The son behind the glass what’s to understand why. It was the question I was asking myself. How can I reconcile those you look to offer passive neglect or absolute control? 

This painting attempts to communicate the regret we may feel for something we know will cause harm. And still… not looking back.

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If You Own A Small Business, You’ll Cry, But In A Good Way

I got an email from Stephen Mills sharing this from his newsletter. First one I actually read from beginning to end in a while. He shared it and the line that got me was: Inspiring video hits it out of the park!

Stephen gives great insight to understanding marketing as it translates to video. It is refreshing to have someone who has a high, professional aesthetic, yet also goes directly to the emotional core. This video hit me square in the chest.

In the journey to redefine my revenue source as 43 year old man, I had my doubts. I have heard people tell me all my life what I could not do. I won’t tell you that it doesn’t sting to hear that those you love most suggest you take the safer road. Especially when that safety is an illusion.

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Yes, money needs to come in, there is nothing illusionary about that. We need to make that cash income dawg. But I am not messing with the traditional 5 / 40 anymore. If I have to keep the lights on, I will take any job, but I won’t work for someone else ever again.

If this sentiment gives you chills, this video will make it your new goal to be able to afford their service. Not because it’s expensive, but because it would really work.

Keep seems like an amazing business tool made simple. If I had more clients than I do now, I know that their service would kill all the anxiety. Making things was never uncomfortable, it was monetizing my effort. And being less wordy. Considering you are still reading, hopefully that is a good thing