Ryan Robertson: The Humble Insider • Podcast Review

This episode of The Industry Is Watching podcast features Ryan Robertson, a marketing giant that has built some of the biggest brands. He is currently Innovation Director and Head of Multicultural Marketing at Diagio. He manages campaigns for brands such as Ketle One, Crown Royal and Ciroq. He identifies, activates and engages between the brand and consumer. Ryan’s unique perspective is invaluable to fulfilling his clients’ needs.

With all his gems of wisdom, it is clear why Champ, host of The Industry is Watching podcast, calls Ryan a humble insider. In each edition, Champ will ask the guest “Are you an Insider or an Underdog?” Ryan doesn’t put himself on a pedestal, but gives a no-nonsense account of how he views himself. He radiates confidence and an insightful awareness of his profession without ego. An easily likable personality.

They go through his many accolades, which includes being selected for Ad Age‘s prestigious 40 under 40 shaping marketing media. Champ and Ryan’s conversation flows like a couple of old friends catching up. It’s a breath of fresh air to get strait to the heart of the matter. If you work in advertising or marketing, there are a lot of insiders that offer steam versus substance. Ryan offers his expertise with grace. Follow him on Instagram @realryanrob.

Be sure to catch Ryan Robertson on this captivating addition to The Industry is Watching podcast. You can listen regularly on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud. Discover if you are an Insider, an Underdog or fall somewhere in between. Because like Champ says, you are only one contact, one call, or one post away from making it happen. Follow Champ on Instagram @champmedia.

Structure • Daily Thoughts

( May 27th, 2020 ) – Today I started a new ritual. I will be going live every day at noon to share what’s going on with me and some meditations on current events. It will be a practice that will keep me focused as a part of my schedule. I also began rehearsing my songs every day at the same time to build up my finger strength and get my voice back in shape.

In this video I discuss how anxiety can keep you from moving forward. It has kept me from completing tasks I am very capable of doing. Structuring my day helps me move forward without wondering what to do next. Habits can be a good thing, especially if it is beneficial to your well being.

Some advice on mindfulness… try being with yourself for a moment of silence, in the moment, letting thoughts drift without holding on to them. Listen to the fan or your breathing. Then go back to your day.

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Reading “A Light in the Attic” brings back memories

Not only is Shel Silverstein one of the most beloved children’s authors, he also illustrates his books. He writes wonderful poems sparking imagination and comical drawings that are entertaining for both young and old.

When I was little, I was given “A Light In The Attic” as a Christmas present. His poetry made me giggle. The drawings are so silly. It’s the combination of the two that really brings me back to a simpler time. So, I decided to read a few poems aloud from the very book I received all those years ago.

Perhaps your parents or kindergarten teacher read you children’s books, before you could read yourself. And when they were done reading the page, they would flip the book around for me to see the drawing that went with it. I really enjoyed the soothing sound of their voice that would sometimes lull me into slumber. It must have been my nap-time.

Guitar Layered Inspiration • Mental Chillness

Passion over Problems. Putting myself into making music has resolved so many issues for me. It has taken me out of the paralysis of over-thinking how to fix something going wrong that is overwhelming at the time. Once I have done something that fulfills me, I come back to the problem with a different state of mind. Getting my head right is key to resolution. Your passion is powerful.

Mental Chillness • Live Stream Link

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Dan Victor talks about how he copes with Bipolar Disorder to bring awareness and fight the stigma of mental illness. He performs original songs and shares his process.

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Disease in Me (44) • Music + Mental Chillness

Live streaming event. Celebrating 44 years of life, music and mental illness. Performing 44 songs written & recorded by Dan over the years. Discussing his experience coping with Bipolar Disorder.

Dedicated to my nephews, Ben & Jake. Love you guys.

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Friday, April 10th, will be a year since I was admitted into the Phyc ward of Beth Israel. It’s been quite year and I’m definitely better than I was then, but feeling some kind of way about it. Instead of letting it get the better of me, I decided to perform Ductape Halo acoustic on the anniversary.

In the wake of all this noise in the world, I am reclaiming something I lost long before last year. I forgot about the voice, talent, and passion for music within me. I put it in a drawer and filed it away. Self-doubt has stolen precious time. So, before any more time gets away from me, I’m going to perform all the hits and more.

Bushwick Open Studios (2010)

Songwriting and recording has been cathartic in dealing with mental illness, joy and pain. Music was the answer God gave me when I asked him for a reason to live 20 years ago. He was not wrong. It has been such a gift, I share with many of you.

Ductape Halo Music: ductapehalo.bandcamp.com/

Ductape Halo Band at Parkside Lounge, NYC (2010)
(left to right) Shamari Roca, Stevie Kings, Dan Victor, Michael Benham
Dan’s Apartment (August 8th, 2010)

Poetry In Physical Motion

“Dancer’s Poetry” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • Powdered graphite with denatured alcohol and charcoal pencil on paper. About the muse that inspires beauty. The poetry a dancer expresses through movement of their body rather than words.⁠

Kurt Cobain Portrait

Kurt Cobain” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • Silk screen portrait of the musician made recently after Kurt passed away.⁠ Tragic loss that reminds us on Mental Health Awareness Day we must appreciate the struggle of those with mental illness.

Trippy Cat Drawing

”Trippy Cat” 🎨 by Dan Victor • Drawing with watercolor pencils. I used my friend’s cat Buddy as a reference.

Mean Cat Meow Hoodie – Pink
(more colors available)

Snaggle Tooth Ugly

“Snaggle Tooth” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor •⁠ How would you like to get ahold of those things? This cat would have to go to a far away place. A face only a mother could love. It’s whats inside that counts.⁠

Ugly is a description people personify rather than to describe ugly behavior, rational thought should prevail. Ugly deeds. An ugly day.⁠

It still sounds cruel to describe mundane things as ugly. It should be reserved for the kind of cruelty that may treat this unattractive person poorly because of the way they look.⁠

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