Lenese Calleea: Black N Fashion • Podcast Review

This installment of The Industry Is Watching podcast features Lenese Colleea, a fashion designer that is sharp with her words and on point with her perspective. Her quick wit is apparent as she decodes the fashion business. Both charming and ambitious, Lenese is a formidable visionary that has overcome many obstacles to get where she is. She is making moves and shows no signs of slowing down.

This has been a life-long pursuit for her. Lenese lovingly credits her grandmother with getting her started, teaching her to sew at the age of seven. Although, she had to prove to her Granny that she was committed. She had to sew a straight line on paper before she could advance to cloth. As a teenager, Lenese ran a lucrative pillow making business with personalized details such as hand-stitched lettering. Her work ethic sets a shining example of what you can accomplish with determination.

Fashion Entrepreneur Lenese Calleea created the blueprint on how to get into the fashion industry. From concept to product, Lenese offers education, empowerment and fashion consulting classes on how to bring your fashion dreams to life.

Lenese offers a variety of opportunities to young designers looking to break in the business. She established The Black Girlz Designer Club, a non profit organization dedicated to providing mentorship, scholarships, and an array of creative resources to Black youth with a passion for fashion. She is even the host of her own podcast. The BlackNFashion podcast is a forum dedicated to the education and development of Blacks in fashion, from the novice to the professional.

Her excellent sense of humor ignites the non-stop dialog between Lenese and Champ, the host of The Industry is Watching podcast. Their chemistry seems to spark immediately and continues throughout the conversation. This interview is exceptionally entertaining, as well as an informative peak behind the curtain, into the world of fashion.

Be sure to catch Lenese Calleea on this exciting episode of The Industry is Watching podcast. You can listen regularly on iTunesSpotify or Soundcloud. Discover if you are an Insider, an Underdog or fall somewhere in between. Because like Champ says, you are only one contact, one call, or one post away from making it happen. Follow Champ on Instagram @champmedia.

Ryan Robertson: The Humble Insider • Podcast Review

This episode of The Industry Is Watching podcast features Ryan Robertson, a marketing giant that has built some of the biggest brands. He is currently Innovation Director and Head of Multicultural Marketing at Diagio. He manages campaigns for brands such as Ketle One, Crown Royal and Ciroq. He identifies, activates and engages between the brand and consumer. Ryan’s unique perspective is invaluable to fulfilling his clients’ needs.

With all his gems of wisdom, it is clear why Champ, host of The Industry is Watching podcast, calls Ryan a humble insider. In each edition, Champ will ask the guest “Are you an Insider or an Underdog?” Ryan doesn’t put himself on a pedestal, but gives a no-nonsense account of how he views himself. He radiates confidence and an insightful awareness of his profession without ego. An easily likable personality.

They go through his many accolades, which includes being selected for Ad Age‘s prestigious 40 under 40 shaping marketing media. Champ and Ryan’s conversation flows like a couple of old friends catching up. It’s a breath of fresh air to get strait to the heart of the matter. If you work in advertising or marketing, there are a lot of insiders that offer steam versus substance. Ryan offers his expertise with grace. Follow him on Instagram @realryanrob.

Be sure to catch Ryan Robertson on this captivating addition to The Industry is Watching podcast. You can listen regularly on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud. Discover if you are an Insider, an Underdog or fall somewhere in between. Because like Champ says, you are only one contact, one call, or one post away from making it happen. Follow Champ on Instagram @champmedia.