Unable To Let Go Of The Past

“Attachment” 🎨 by Dan Victor •⁠ Grieving the loss of someone that has left our life. Not necessarily because they died, but gone their separate ways. Missing them is so hard. Especially when you feel responsible. She is staring at this framed photo of them. This other guy in the background wants to help, but… Continue Reading

Looking Over Her Shoulder

”Over Shoulder” 🎨 by Dan Victor •⁠ Life drawing sketch I had done some work on after the pose. I used coffee on this charcoal drawing to push around the cigarette butt I had smudge the paper with. I always liked the tone this one set. Somewhat calm. ⁠ Another from college.⁠ Isn’t it cool… Continue Reading

Cruising For A Brusin’

”Cruising” 🎨 by Dan Victor •⁠ When someone is homeless, you do what you need to for survival. An addict that is also homeless is in an impossible situation.⁠ This is the night a driver stops a boy on the street. He pulls up when he sees what he likes. There is another painting that… Continue Reading

Throwing Up To Get High

”Alley Sickness” 🎨 by Dan Victor •⁠ This scene is depicting a kid vomiting, needing a hit. Alone in the darkness, holding the edge of a garbage can for dear life. Being hungover. It’s something most of us can relate to. That moment you swear you will never drink again, if only to keep the… Continue Reading

Not Blood, Paint Tribute

”Not Blood, Paint” 🎨 by Dan Victor • Mixed media with watercolor. There is a band by that name that would play in Bushwick years ago. I enjoyed their theatric art-rock that had incredible energy. Hopefully this work conveys the nature of the music that inspired me.⁠ I had done a bootleg of one of… Continue Reading

Turning Away From Depression

”Turning Away” 🎨 by Dan Victor •⁠ an abstraction with a subtle image. A man with his back to us. Head down. Hunched over with body language that is consistent of depression. The colors and textures are so fun, I just wanted to create a piece that was motivated more by paint, rather than drawn.… Continue Reading

Walk Your Teeth This Way

”Walking Teeth” 🎨 by Dan Victor • Oil on canvas. One of the few oil paintings I have done. I never understood the appeal to oil. It has a greasy texture, which can get super textured, but I suppose it is the kinds of color you can get. I did this in my painting studio… Continue Reading