Minimalist Doggy

“Doggy” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠A minimalist attempt. I think about the way a cell looks under a microscope. Breaking things into shapes. It also has kind of a bouncy, punching bag thing. It’s usually a clown. Because, let’s face it, no one really likes clowns. Unless you are a creeper, hanging out at… Continue Reading

My Friend Is An Alligator Doll

“Alligator Doll” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠This could be a stuffed animal that could be any creature. It is in the eyes that I see it. Possibly the crock might have smoked some bud, the eyes look a little hazy.⁠ Lines and compartments. Many teeth for chomping critters and weary travelers. I had been… Continue Reading

Nailing Your Hair

“Nail Hair” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠A tall hair-doo like in the 60’s, beehive style. Using bits of internal biological suggestion, I created her shape. In a cloud bubble of some kind. Neck twisted up and some shoulder blades. There is some dancing going on. She is making a call to have people join… Continue Reading

Robot Speed-trap

“Robot Speed-trap” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠Cops won’t have to sit in their car anymore for hours, drinking coffee & eating donuts at the Speed-trap. The robot is distracted, but can multi-task like a mother-trucker. No one is getting away with speeding now.⁠ What’s the fastest you have ever driven?⁠ View this post on… Continue Reading

My Buddy, My Bot

“Bot Buddy” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠It’s my very first friend I made on ‘BOT to BOT’ dating app. When I ponder about how robots would express emotions, if they had any, I consider how the human experience would apply.⁠ The robot is in a crowd trying to find his ‘Bot Buddy’. So he… Continue Reading

A Robot Rocks Out

“Robot U2V ” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠A droid with an etiquette protocol, but with a faulty audio function. It can only plays KISS songs to communicate.⁠ ‘I want to rock n’ roll all night’ is U2V’s ring tone. Think of it as a nervous Google maps with a head. It can trace people… Continue Reading

Powered By Cuteness

“Puppy Power!” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠Look closely at this one. If you stare at it long enough, you begin to see it. First the ears and then the droopy eyes. It kind of looks like the puppy dog is melting wax.⁠ I can get lost looking at it.⁠ View this post on Instagram… Continue Reading

Beauty At The Barber Shop

“Barber Beauty” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor •⁠ drawing from my sketchbook. I was on a trip through Philly, on the R5 I think coming back to Jersey City via Trenton. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dan Victor ✏️ Draws (@djasonv) on Sep 3, 2019 at 3:47pm PDT 🦄 Like Graphic T-shirts?… Continue Reading

On-Time, Early, Or Late

“Time” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • Continuous line drawing in my sketchbook. Its kind of whacky kid with messy hair, checking his watch. Don’t want to be late.⁠ I don’t like wearing a watch, or any jewelry for that matter. I figure I can just look at my phone. It is always right and I… Continue Reading

Stop Your Back Seat Driving

“Back Seat Driver” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor • ⁠Someone sits behind you and never shuts up. You try to let it slide, but it is really annoying.⁠ When there are 4 other people in the car and the snow is coming down. The roads are a bit icy, but the passengers are talking loud and… Continue Reading