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DVD Concerts, Episode Two — Jason Kunz, aka Wild Kunz, performs 4 songs (Joanie, The Mask, Craw and The Stone) and talks about his process on Dan Victor Does. Watch the full performance and story he shares for the new acoustic series.

Jason brings a thoughtful sensitivity to his music. His strumming is gentle and hypnotizing, setting the tone before his soft vocals lay over top like snow delicately covering a countryside. It’s a magical combination that’s effect broadens the more you listen. Wild Kunz creates a vibe that makes me remember a feeling and the story associated with it, rather than a story. The words are cues, but his vocal delivery tells the tale.

Wild Kunz mentioned Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear and Annie Clark of St. Vincent as two influences, because they remind him of an old Hollywood noir soundtrack. Although he says his main inspiration comes from dreams. Learning Banjo has given him an added insight to how he can blend finger-picking into his guitar playing. I think he is reminiscent of Nick Drake, which also has a dreamy quality.

When describing his song, “The Stone”, he speaks about how music helps him channel his depression into something positive, giving purpose in learning a craft he will use even after his mood has lifted. I can identify with this so much. Playing guitar gives me a release when I’m feeling down. Such a positive way to make the best out of the difficult experience.

Grateful for having Wild Kunz for the second episode of DVD Concerts. Watch and listen to the music videos “Joanie” and “The Mask“, two selections from his set. Follow Wild Kunz on Instagram.

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