Reading “A Light in the Attic” brings back memories

Not only is Shel Silverstein one of the most beloved children’s authors, he also illustrates his books. He writes wonderful poems sparking imagination and comical drawings that are entertaining for both young and old.

When I was little, I was given “A Light In The Attic” as a Christmas present. His poetry made me giggle. The drawings are so silly. It’s the combination of the two that really brings me back to a simpler time. So, I decided to read a few poems aloud from the very book I received all those years ago.

Perhaps your parents or kindergarten teacher read you children’s books, before you could read yourself. And when they were done reading the page, they would flip the book around for me to see the drawing that went with it. I really enjoyed the soothing sound of their voice that would sometimes lull me into slumber. It must have been my nap-time.

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