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”Everything” 🎨 by Dan Victor •⁠ There is a whole lot going on here. The title refers to my tendency to go over-board. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop. But then again, it has an interesting effect. Not a whole lot of breathing room, but has a mass of colorful depth.⁠

Color has always been somewhat elusive for me. I always approach it from an abstract sense that from a place of realism. Tone and shading, sure. But using color has much to discover.⁠

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SNACKS Dad Hat – Camo
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Dan Victor

Dan Victor creates graphic tees from his original art. He is creating these shirts as the most focused way to share his art and sell apparel that merges both comfort and aesthetic. Dan has worked in various mediums, as well as music and video production. Former Editor in-chief of Popdust, a pop culture website. He produced a regular interview series called "Popdust Presents" that broadcast live every week, featuring up and coming talent. They would perform acoustic versions of theirs songs and speak candidly about the artist's interest and process. He has also been interviewed regularly on Cheddar.

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