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Why do we feel guilt about the nature of our biology?

Study for “American Apparel” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor, from my sketchbook. I will have a painting coming up in a post that is the art, which I love so much.

I showed this drawing to a woman since I have been working to make it a T-shirt design. Lots of Photoshop work. Anyhow, soon to come. She said it sexualized women because a woman’s body can’t do that.

I responded that it wasn’t to objectify a woman. I was focus on the area of the hips and bend in the torso that is distinctly a woman and show a very appealing pose, that has been perhaps sexualized, but isn’t that society telling us our bodies’ only worth is as a sexual plaything?⠀

We shouldn’t be embarrassed at what is pleasing to the eye and touch; it does not have to be sexual or a motivation to make it so. But we think that must be what it means. Is there guilt? Is there shame in admitting every living animal masturbates. Yes, it’s private, but something we all have an urge to do. It’s as human as needing air and food. How can we feel guilty a biological urge to reproduce, that exists in every species?⠀

That is to say, while it has a sense if eroticism, it also focusing the importance on the fertility aspect, a special gift that woman have. I am admiring that curve of the back. Identifying what I find compelling and share that in a way I am able to express.⠀

Taken directly from an ad in an American Apparel catalog. The arch in her back is the focal point. It represents the aesthetic beauty that is unique to women’s physiology.⠀⠀

The hips are hypnotizing. I wanted to emphasize it by ignoring the face with exposed canvas. It succeeds because I held back.⠀⠀

I have stared at this for hours. It is one of my favorite paintings I have done. I have it hanging in my bedroom now, facing me as I’m in bed. ⠀⠀

I like using yellow or blue for skin, so it has less to do with distinct skin tone, as it doesn’t exist in real life. 

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