Coming For You

“They Are Coming For You” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor

Paranoid. ‘Robot Heart’ series. Unable to trust your mind or anyone really. If you can’t trust yourself, the implication is you can’t trust your own judgment of character. And to make the obvious even more clear, because clarity is, in a way, all I want from this life. ⠀

If you have faith that someone will respect your well being because of X, Y & Z, it must be so. I perceive you to be truthful in how you present yourself. I should be able to tell if someone is lying or not. I am so aware… but what if you are not?

What if you know you can’t trust your opinion of people because your experience has led you to be skeptical of everyone’s commitment to mutual respect. I don’t expect anyone to ‘give’ me anything, but I do ask you do not deceive me. ⠀

Deception or breaking trust, is worse than killing. That intentional, malicious truth is worse than any lie.▪️

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Dan Victor

Dan is an online personality, musician and visual artist. Host of Mental Chillness. Producer of DVD Concerts. Former editor in-chief of and former producer of Popdust Presents.

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