Don’t Make Me Angry, I Like You

 “Don’t make me upset, I really don’t want to hurt you” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor

It’s part of the narrative. Ductape Halo is confronted by the aggressor. The ‘bad guy’ is someone I don’t like to refer to as absolutely evil. It is easier to assume someone is either good or bad, but very confusing when people are a combination of those with varying degrees according to circumstance.⠀

So when I think of this piece, it is the story telling itself over and over. Every time I read it, I see something new. That is true of all media. The art isn’t changing, your perspective has.⠀

The intention of a painting is to witness your life through it. A successful piece will continue to do that. ⠀

I tried doing a layout for the concept art I was drawing. I figured make the drawing and I’ll put it together later. It’s been about 12 years since I drew the ‘Robot Heart’ series dedicated to the album by Ductape Halo by the same name.▪️

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Dan Victor

Dan is an online personality, musician and visual artist. Host of Mental Chillness. Producer of DVD Concerts. Former editor in-chief of and former producer of Popdust Presents.

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