Don’t Overload The Washer

“Do Not Overload” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor. ⁣

πŸ““ Self portrait in the reflection of dryer, back when I was living in Jersey City. This was the most dangerous neighborhood I ever lived in. Which is saying something, I currently live in Bushwick, so how bad could it be?

It was 2004 in Journal Square when I saw my first massive gang fight below my window. It was a block from the police station / courthouse. It was the sound of many hands smacking against other people’s skin that sticks in my mind. There was a crack dealer on the stoop across from my building. I could have bought a gun if I wanted to.

This drawing reminds me of that time I lived in a 5,000 sq ft. loft in Jersey City, with now windows in my BR and a mile & 1/2 away from the PATH. I did make a lot of art. Good times.

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