Clockwork Orange Silk Screen of Alex DeLarge

” A Clockwork Alex #1” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor. ⁣📓 Hand-cut silkscreen stencil. One color on matte board. This one I did in college. I went through a big Stanley Kubrick / Kurt Vonnegut phase around then and had just started Intro to Silk Screening. It is such a cool process. To think about positive and negative space, is hard to keep straight, since the image inverts itself.⁣⠀

You might be wondering why I chose this particular image. There is something behind his eyes that I recognize. A piece of me that goes to that dark place. Bit also kind of cocky attitude. Don’t you think?⁣⠀

It’s his attitude, that walks the line between devious and demonic.⁣⠀

“A Clockwork Alex” #2

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Dan Victor

Dan is an online personality, musician and visual artist. Host of Mental Chillness. Former editor in-chief of Popdust and producer of the interview series: Popdust Presents, featuring up & coming talent.

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