Mouth Pain

“Mouth Pain” ✍🏼 by Dan Victor. ⁣📓 ⁣Another of the sketches from the ‘Robot Heart’ Series. There will be more drawings like this to follow. March is featuring the unfinished graphic novel.⁣⠀
This scene is when the main character, Chuck, is transforming from his meek self into the legendary rockstar 🎸- Ductape Halo. ⁣⠀
That was my stage name. And later on my band. Thought a cool comic book with a CD would sell well. Great in concept. lol. ⁣

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Dan Victor

Dan is an online personality, musician and visual artist. Former editor in-chief of and producer of Popdust Presents, an interview series featuring up & coming talent. Guests would perform acoustically and speak candidly about their process. He was also a regular guest speaker on Cheddar News.

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